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Ideal production machine for spinners to achieve twist setting, yarn conditioning, bulking and top to tow conversion of acrylic yarn.

Models : 5 Kg to 1000 Kg


  • Stabilizes moisture content in the yarn. Yarn is subjected to vacuum and pressure to the required levels in a sealed autoclave.
  • Improves efficiency in weaving winding and dyeing due to
    conditioning of yarn. Fully computerized control system with necessary logical Interlock and alarms.


  • Special pumps can be offered to achieve higher level of vacuum.
  • Yarn carrier: Creel type or aluminium bins as per requirements.
  • Special Type Vertical Trolley for Space dyeing

Technical Specifications

  • Material of Construction : MS/SS 304/SS 316
    (As per customer requirement)
  • Temperature range : upto 130°C.
  • Vacuum upto : 65 cm. of Mercury
  • Max. pressure : 4kg./cm²
  • Automation : Through MCY-3Controller
  • Electrical Supply : 415V, ThreeΦ 50Hz
  • Connecting Load : 3 Kw to 20 Kw

Utility Requirements: (To be provided by customer):

  • Steam @ 7kg./cm²
  • Air @ 7 kg./cm²
  • Water @ 2kg./cm²

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