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  • Universal Padding Mangle -2

Versatile machine, can be used for dyeing, printing and finishing trials.
Universal Padding Mangle is a combined model of vertical as well as Horizontal.

Special Features:

  • Universal Padding Mangle will help to dyer get a result in
    vertical also horizontal (without dead weight) on single machine.
  • Universal Padding Mangle will help to reduce the cost
    and space on modern laboratory.
  • Pneumatic loading arrangement ensures uniform pressure throughout the bowl.
  • Universal Padding Mangle simulates condition and production machine.
    Hence trial conducted on this machine can assist in setting up
    parameters of production machine.

Technical Specifications

  • Model : Table Top
  • Material of construction : SS 304 & SS 316
  • Working width : 450, 600mm.
  • Automation : Microprocessor Controller.
  • Bowl hardness : 65°-70°shore hardness
  • Bowl Dimensions (450mm WW): 120mm Dia x 500mm Length
    (600 mm WW) : 120mm Dia x 650mm Length
  • Working Pressure : 4Kg/Cm²
  • Cloth Speed : Variable upto 3 Mtr/Min
  • Heated Trough’s Capacity : 900ml
  • Unheated trough Capacity : 200 ml
  • Electrical supply : 230 VAC Single Φ,50 Hz
  • Approx weight : 220Kg / 240 kg
  • Dimensions : (450mm): L1060mm x W650mm x H790 mm
  • Dimensions : (600mm): L1180mm x W 650mm x H 790 mm


  • Digital Model for accurate control of Pressure and Speed.
  • Bowls with Silicon Coating.
  • Nip padding trough and doctor blades for Coating purpose.

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