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  • ROTA DYER (2)

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Rota Dyer is an ideal machine for shade matching and for testing of various types of
dyes up-to dyeing temperature of 95°C. Both substrate and dyeing liquor
are continuously moving in, resulting in uniform dyeing result.

Available Beaker Capacity :
100ml,150ml 200ml, 250ml,
No. of Beakers:14,16,18& 24

Technical Specifications

  • Temperature: Up-to 95°C
  • Heating Medium: Water
  • MLR: 1:20
  • Approx. Heating Load : 3 KW
  • Electric Supply: 230 VAC Single Φ
  • Material of Construction: SS 316 – for Beakers,
  • Other parts SS-304 & MS Powder coated
  • Machine Dimension: L 900 x W 400mm x H 575mm
  • Approx. Weight: 75 Kg

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