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  • 1900 Pad dry

The machine is suitable for continuous Pad Dry process of woven fabric.
The machine consists of a vertical padding Mangle which is synchronized with a Hot Air drier.
Different models are available for production of 200,1500, 3000, 4200 & 6000 metres per day.


  • Speed synchronization of padding mangle with IR pre Drier
    and Hot Air Chamber for continuous process
  • IR Pre drier between padder and hot air chamber is raised when drive stops
  • Variable power to control the level of pre drying
  • Variable Digital speed control
  • Variable Digital pressure Control
  • Variable Digital temperature Control.
  • Electrical heating for generating Hot air OR a combination of Electrical
    and Gas heating OR a combination of Steam heating and Electrical heating.
  • Moving chain with clips and pins with differential width to hold
    the fabric in stretched position
  • Blowers for even distribution of hot air in chamber
  • Motorized adjustable working width from 600 mm to maximum Working Width in each model
  • Digital control and readout for speed temperature and pressure
  • Edge uncurler at in feed of hot air chamber
  • Fabric Centering device at infeed
  • Motorized fabric spreader scroll roller at in feed
  • Heated chemical trough with digital controller.
  • Batching roller at entry and exit of Machine

Technical Specifications

  • Working Width: 600mm,1200mm, 1600mm & 1900mm
  • Cloth speed : 05 to 5meters / minutes depending upon models
  • Padding Mangle : Vertical
  • Roller Dia : For 600 mm WW : 120 mm
  • Roller Dia : For 1200mm and above : 250 mm
  • Roller Coating : Synthetic Rubber
  • Rubber Hardness : 65° to 70°shore hardness
  • Nip Pressure : Max 4 Kg / Cm²
    (Digital control and Readout)
  • Drive : Variable speed through Frequency controller.
  • Chemical Trough Capacity : 1.5 Lit to 30 Lit depends upon Models
  • Synchronization : Synchronized with IR pre Drier and Hot air Chamber
  • IR Pre Drier -Hot Air Drying
  • Working Width (mm): 600, 1200, 1600, & 1900
  • Maximum Temperature For 600 mm : 185°C
  • For other big Models : 135 °C
  • Heating : Electrical Heating
  • Heating Load : 12 Kw to 100Kw depending upon models
  • Electric supply : 415v Three Φ

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