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The machine is suitable for steaming of woven fabric for post treatment of fabric
in Dyeing and printing on continuous method. Different Models are available with different
working width and different fabric content to meet the production requirements.


  • Batching rollers for Fabric Entry and Exit provided on the same side
  • Steam is generated internally by Electrical heating OR
    Gas Heating OR Thermic fluid heating
  • Steam super heating upto 185 °C by electrical heating
  • Heated coils are provided at entry, exit and ceiling of steaming chamber
  • Observation window on the door
  • All rollers are driven and are Teflon Coated
  • Variable Frequency drive for speed control with digital control and readout

Technical Specifications

  • Material Of Construction: SS 304 & SS 316
  • Working Width (mm) : 600, 1200, 1600, 1900
  • Cloth speed : 0.2to 4.8mtrs/min (depending upon models)
  • Dwell time : 10 Min To 30 min.
  • Daily Production Capacity : 360 Mtrs / Day To 5750Mtrs / Day (depending upon models)
  • Max.Temperature:
    Saturated steaming : 104°C
    Steam Super heating : 185°C
  • Steam Generation : By Electrical OR Gas OR Thermic Fluid heating
  • Heating Load : 12 Kw to 36 Kw (depending upon models)


  • Gas fired Burner / steam heated radiator for heating.

(Due to continuous development & changes, specifications
are subject to change from time to time)

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