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The machine is suitable for dyeing synthetic and natural fibre in different forms
like loose stock or top, yarn wound on collapsible dye spring using suitable carriers.

Process Controller DCY-1:

A controller with most advanced features for the automation of Yarn/ Fibre
Dyeing Machines with user friendly functions.


  • Control for Heating, Cooling, Pressurizing & Operator call
  • End Of Process alarm
  • 10 Main Functions.(Filling, Drain, Heating, Cooling, Dozing,
    Operator Call, Back transfer to add tank, Injection from add tank to
    main Vessel, Temperature control for stock and Add tank & rinsing.
  • Dyeing machine operation with Air Pad as well as
    Fully Flooded is provided.
  • For the purpose of Time saving, Parallel functions of Stock
    & Addition Tanks are carried out simultaneously while the Main vessel
    programs are being carried out.
  • Wide range of water filling options LEVEL / PERCENTAGE / LITRES
  • DOSING: Progressive/Regressive/Linear Dosing OR ON/OFF Dosing.
  • Powerful Program editing facility.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Operating Temperature :140 °C
  • Maximum Operating Pressure : 4kg./cm²
  • Liquor ratio :
  • Air Pad system system : 1:8
  • In Fully flooded System : 1:10


  • With PC-4 For Standard Automation
  • With DCY -1 For Fully automation
  • Process Controller PC-4


  • CLS for connecting the controller to PC for data
  • generation and Reports.

Capacities Available:

  • From 1 Kg to 5 Kg

(Due to continuous development & changes, specifications
are subject to change from time to time)

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