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InfraColour® is environmental friendly, easy to use table top model Sample Dyeing Machine. IR Radiation heating enables efficient heating of beakers with minimal energy consumption resulting in optimum dyeing conditions. without contamination of beakers with messy heating medium & hence the working is cleaner. There will be no pollution, no smoke or bad smell in working area as is the case with conventional baths.

More dyeing cycles are possible with Infra Colour as preparation & cleaning time is greatly reduced.


  • ‘Injection Dosing System’ is provided for making time to time additions to the beakers without opening the beakers. (For Beakers of volume 150ml S- series and above).
  • ‘Variable speed’ rotation of beakers carriage assembly facilitates dyeing of all types of fabric & yarn samples with all classes of dyes.
  • Control the temperature within the resolution of 0.1° C.
  • 50 programs with 75 steps can be stored in this controller.

Technical Specifications

  • Available Beaker Capacity: 75ml, 100m, 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 500ml,1000ml, 6000ml, 10000ml
  • Number of beakers: 2 to 24 depending upon the volume of beaker
  • Automation: Through Micro processor controller DC4F/R (Option DCF-5)
  • Heating: Through Infra red radiation
  • Cooling: Forced Air Cooling
  • Heating Power: 4.5kw for smaller machine. 6kw and above for bigger machine
  • Rate of Heating: Up-to 4°C max
  • Rate of Cooling: Min. 2.5 °C from 130°C to 70°C
  • Rotation: Variable Speed
  • Material of Construction: SS 304 Main Body and SS 316 beakers
  • Temperature: Up-to 140°C
  • M L R: 1 : 6 up-to 250 ml, Beaker size 500 ml and above, MLR will be 1:20
    (Minimum 65% to 75% of the total volume of the beaker should be used. In the same
    dyeing program same volume of liquor to be used in all beakers)
  • Length of beaker in ‘S’ Series: 140mm
  • Length of beaker in ‘N’ Series: 200mm
  • Standard Power Supply : 415V 3 Phase AC, 50Hz.(Or as per requirement)

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Approx. M/c Dimensions:

  • Model IR-N (12 Stn) L: 720 mm W : 635 mm H : 635 mm
  • Model IR-N (18 Stn) L: 850 mm W : 635 mm H : 750 mm
  • Model IR-N (24 Stn) L: 930 mm W : 710 mm H : 880 mm
  • Model IR -N (2X6Lit) L: 850 mm W : 635mm H : 750mm
  • Model IR -N (2X10Lit) L: 930 mm W : 710mm H : 880mm
  • Approx. Net Weight (kg): 125, 145 , 195 ,195

Models Available*:
IR-N Model

  • 12 x 75ml, 12 x 100ml, 12 x 150ml, 12 x 200ml, 12 x 250 ml, 12 x 500 ml
  • 18 x 75ml, 18 x 100ml, 18 x 150 ml, 18 x 200ml, 18 x 250 ml
  • 24 x 75ml, 24 x 100ml, 24 x 150 ml, 24 x 200ml, 24 x 250ml
  • Other Models: 8 x 1000ml, 2 x 6000ml, 6 x 6000ml, 2 x 10000ml

* Small Capacity beakers can be used with the same carriage for machines with
12, 18 and 24 beaker carriages.
# Skein holders for dyeing yarn and Special cages for dyeing fibers can be provided as an option.

Due to continuous development & changes, specifications are subject to change from time to time:-

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