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Laboratory Steamer for fixation of prints under
high temperature high pressure conditions.


  • Ideal for steaming up to temperature of 130°C.
  • Saturated steaming upto 102 °C.
  • Samples are hooked on star frame and placed in an inner chamber.
  • Electrical heating for steam generation.
  • Nozzle provided for external steam supply.
  • Facility for steam super heating.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum sample size: 200mm x 2000mm
  • Maximum temperature: 130 deg C
  • Maximum working pressure: 4 kg/sq cm
  • Material of construction: SS304
  • Internal Diameter of vessel: 380mm
  • Height of vessel: 535mm
  • Electrical load: 4 Kw
  • Electrical supply: 3 phase, 415 volts
  • Approx weight: 80 Kg
  • Dimensions: L630 x W600 x H1150

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