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Soft Overflow Dyeing Machine is ideal for processing of all type of fabric either in woven or knitted form. Fabric made out of Polyester, Nylon, Wool, Acrylic, Silk, Cellulosic and their blends can be processed in Soft Overflow Dyeing Machines.


  • Versatile machine suitable for processing of Woven as well as Knitted fabric
  • From Delicate silk to suitings, all types of fabrics can be processed at ease.
  • Due to gentle treatment imparted to fabric feel handle of the fabric are retained and distortion to the fabric structure avoided
  • fabric construction feel and handle of the fabric are retained
  • In case of knitted fabric ,by carrying out the preparation in the same machine double handling of fabric is avoided
  • Multi tube heat exchanger is provided for achieving set rate of heating/Cooling
  • Centrifugal Circulation Pump for exchanging liquor in the vessel 3-4 times in a minute
  • Automation in process control – A Fabric plaiting device driven by a geared motor is provided for smooth and even transportation of the fabric in the vessel. This prevents overlapping and entanglement of the fabric

Operation Principle

Operation Principle:

Principle of both material and liquor moving simultaneously is employed. Variable speed driven winch transport the fabric rope. Liquor is fed through a fixed nozzle along with the moving fabric winch further assists smooth
transportation of fabric .Liquor circulated at high exchange rate by a high efficiency circulation pump. Other important parameters such as Rate of heating and cooling, Hold Temperature and time are controlled by microprocessor Programmer. All these factors lead to excellent dyeing results.

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