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Over Flow Dyeing Machine

This machine is suitable for dyeing of fabric in rope form upto a temperature of 135 degree C. The Soft Overflow Dyeing Machine is ideally suited for dyeing of Woven and Knitted fabrics, special type furnishing suiting fabrics. Due to the Soft treatment imparted even delicate fabrics retain their handle and feel. This specially designed machine is manufactured to suit laboratory needs for preparing dyed sample. (Various needs of fabric like poplin, Voile, Furnishing having wide GSM range and also to suit nearly all type of classes of Dyestuffs).

The fabric in rope form is passed through the Soft Flow Nozzles and remains immersed in the dye liquor in the main vessel.


  • Heating Options

    a) Electrical Heating: Through Electrical Heater 6-12 kw (Depending of Machine capacity)
    (Rate of Heating 1.5°C)
    b) Steam Heating (Boiler connection to be provided by customer)
    Through Multi-tube Heat Exchanger (Rate of Heating 4°C)

  • Circulation Pump: Low RPM centrifugal pump with Inverter Drive
  • Cooling: Through Heat Exchanger
    (The rate of cooling is directly dependent on the pressure & Temperature of the cooling water.
  • Winch: Through Inverter Drive
  • Addition tank
  • Automation: Through Controller PC-4 / DCF-4