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  • Fabric Steamer -1

This is very ideal machine for Application and study of Dyes,
Chemicals and Auxiliaries on fabric by dyeing and printing Methods.
Laboratory loop steamer is specially designed to carry out
fixation of dyes in printing process


  • Variable dwell time for print fixation in digital printing process.
  • Batching Rollers at entry and exit are provided.

Technical Specifications

  • Working width : 600mm
  • Fabric speed : 0.2 meter to 6 mtr / min
  • Dwell Time : Maximum 30 min
  • Maximum temperature : upto 104°C
  • Heating Load : 6 Kw
  • Maximum fabric length : 3 meter in chamber.
  • Electrical Supply : 415V ,Three Φ 50Hz
  • Approx weight : 300 Kg
  • Dimensions : L900mm x W750mm x H2000mm

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