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Continuous dyeing process is a very efficient process as compared to batch dyeing resulting in low costs and higher production. Continuous dyeing is employed for Vat, Reactive, Disperse, Sulfur, Acid, Pigment direct etc. Dye stuff and OBAs, in textile processing plants The model is designed and developed so as to prepare the recipe for the CDR machine and also to test the Fabric, Dyes, chemicals, Auxiliaries, etc. For their functional efficiency in continuous dyeing process. Considering the high production of the plant CDR and practically zero chances of correction, laboratory testing before plant production is absolutely necessary, After relentless efforts of couple of years and using four decades of manufacturing experience, R. B. Electronic & Engineering Pvt Ltd. has developed and successfully manufactured the model. The basic model of CDR consists of Padding Mangle. IR Predrier, Chemical Padder Steam/Thermofix Chamber and Washing tanks

  • Colour Pad-Steaming
  • Chemical Pad-Steaming
  • Colour Pad-Dry-Chemical Pad-Steaming
  • Colour Pad- Dry-Thermofix
  • Colour Pad-colour Pad -Dry-Chemical
  • Pad- Steaming/ Thermofix-Cold Wash-Hot
  • Wash/Oxidation/Reduction Clearing-Cold
  • Wash Soaping-Hot Wash-Cold Wash


  • Padding is done by vertical padder with single
  • Dip and Nip system.
  • Series of guide rollers are provided for easy
  • transportation of fabric.
  • Batching arrangement at feeding and delivery
  • end of the machine.
  • Washing tanks : 0, 2, 4, 6 (as per requirement)
  • Pneumatic loading arrangement provided for squeeze rollers
  • with individual pressure setting for uniform pressure.
  • Digital control and readout for Fabric speed
  • temperature and padding mangle pressure.
  • Flexibility in selection of sections (Colour Padder, IR Pre Drier, Thermofix
  • Chamber, Chemical padder, Washing tanks etc..) as per process requirement.

Technical Specifications

  • Material of Construction : SS 304 & SS316
  • Maximum working width : 300mm/1200mm
  • Dwell time : 45 sec to12 min
  • Fabric Length in Steaming Chamber
    300mm W.W : 3 mtrs
    1200mm WW : 6 mtrs
  • Max. Temperature :
    Saturated steaming : 104°C
    Steam Super heating : 185°C
  • Thermofixing : 210°C.r
  • Electric supply : 415v three Φ


  • Pad-Steam
  • Pad-Dry-Chemical Pad-Steam
  • Pad-Dry-Chemical Pad-Steam / Thermofix
  • Pad-dry-Chemical Pad-Steam / Thermofix – Washing

Utilities Requirement: (to be provided by customer)

  • Air : @ 7 Kg/Cm²
  • Steam : @ 4 Kg/Cm²
  • Water : as per requirement.


  • Humidity controller for E-Control method
  • Addition padding mangle for two dip two nip processing

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