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  • No separate trough for padding liquor.
  • The space formed between 2 bowls, when under pneumatic
    pressure acts as a trough.
  • Minimum quantity of liquor required for padding a sample.
  • Simple operations.
  • Minimum time is required for padding the sample.
  • No time lag between dip & nip as the sample gets squeezed
    immediately after passing through padding liquor.
  • No exposure to atmosphere after padding and before getting squeezed.
  • Substantial saving in liquor consumption thus saving on consumption
    of soft water, dyes, auxiliaries & chemicals. Hence very economical model.
  • A trough is provided below the bowls to collect liquor after padding.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: Table top
  • Material of Construction: SS 304 & SS 316
  • Maximum working width : 300 mm., 450mm
  • Material of coating on Bowl : Synthetic Rubber
  • Bowl Dimensions : 120mm Dia x 350mm Length, 120mm Dia x 500mm Length
  • Bowl hardness : 65°-70°Shore Hardness
  • Cloth speed : Variable upto 6 Mtr / Min
  • Working Pressure : 4Kg/Cm²
  • Electrical Supply : 230VAC Single Φ,50 Hz
  • Approx Wt : (300 mm WW) : 135 Kg, (450 mm WW) : 155 Kg
  • Dimensions : (300 mm): L850mm x W610mm x H640mm(450 mm):L1040mm x W620mm x H640 mm

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