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We are leading Fabric dyeing Machine manufacturer, Fabric dyeing Machine Supplier.

Ideal for processing of, knitted as well as delicate woven fabric. Machine can also be used for checking dyestuff & specialty chemicals.

Available Beaker Capacity :
100ml,150ml 200ml, 250ml,
No. of Beakers:14,16,18& 24


  • Special arrangement for making additions provided.
  • Inspection windows are provided for observing the processes.
  • Dyeing is carried out in relaxed conditions.
  • Liquor circulation pump is provided for circulation of dye liquor.


  • Variable speed control.
  • Liquor displacement arrangement for low liquor ratios.

Technical Specifications

  • Material of Construction: Main body of the machine coming in contact with the liquors is SS 316
  • Temperature: Up-to 95°C
  • Automation: Through PC-4
  • Liquor Volume: 19 Lit / 40 Lit
  • MLR: 1:20
  • Electric Supply: 415V, Three Φ 50Hz
  • Approx. Heating Load: 4.5Kw / 6Kw
  • Approx. Weight: (19 Lit): 150Kg, (40 Lit): 170Kg


  • Two models are available with maximum liquor volume 19 litres & 40 litres


  • (19 Lit): L 1050mm x W 750mm x H 1350mm
  • (40 Lit): L 1100mm x W 800mm x H 1370mm

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